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Boiler Bed Material

Boiler Crushed Refractory Bed Material. The products we offer are developed by a team of diligent professionals in accordance with international quality norms. In order to ensure the safe transits of offered boiler crushed refractory, we provide these in pack of 40-50 kg plastic waterproof bags. Moreover, we are capable of providing these products to the clients in bulk amount in accordance with their needs.

Special characteristics :

  • Fully Screened Material Free From Fine Particles
  • Fully Resistant Against Clinker Formation
  • Perfect Product For Obtaining Fluidized Action
  • Accurate Particle Size Distribution
  • Exceptional Chemical Purity
  • High,I.D.T.(Initial Deformation Temperature)
  • Low AlkaliĀ  Low Iron Contents
  • No Free Iron Particles-Passed Through Iron Separators
  • Perfectly Controlled Density
  • Production capacity - 1000 Tons per month
  • Delivery time - Ex-stock
  • Minimum order quantity - 15 Metric Ton


Place of Origin India
Brand Name Glm
Model Number Bbm-303
Accepted payment type T/T
Delivery Time 7 Days
Nearest Port Mundra, Icd Ahmedabad
Attribute Name1 - Name and Value Colour - Yellowish
Attribute Name2 - Name and Value Density - 1100 Kg/M3
Attribute Name3 - Name and Value Particle - 0.85mm To 2.36mm
Attribute Name4 - Name and Value Weight - 50 Kilo Bags
FOB Currency Usd
Unit Mt
FOB Price/Unit 120/Mt
Minimum Order Quantity 1 X 20 Ft Container
Packaging and Shipping As Per Customers Requirement
Shipping International
Exchange Policies Free Exchange