Ganeshas Lime And Minerals

Insulating Fire Bricks

The bricks we offer are widely applauded for their dimensional stability, compressive strength and durability. Moreover,Super Heat Duty and High Alumina Fire Bricks are the products made from different fractions of refractory grog, fire clays and calcined bauxite of high purity. The different fractions of these raw materials are mixed in counter current mixers and plugged for obtaining homogeneous mixture. The mixture obtained hence, is then pressed in high capacity presses to give the desired shape and size. These pressed shapes are fired in high temperature tunnel kiln at 1300°C and above. The bricks are very light and porous maintaining good extranal temperatures and not allowing heat to radiate from the fire bricks thus increasing in overall furnace efficiencies.These bricks are manufactured as per ASME Standards and provided to the clients at nominal rates.


Place of Origin India
Brand Name Glm
Model Number Glm- Ifb
Accepted payment type T/T
Delivery Time 7 Days
Nearest Port Mundra, Icd Ahmedabad
Attribute Name1: Name and Value Colour Greyish White
FOB Currency Usd
Unit Piece
FOB Price/Unit 0.6 Usd/ Piece
Minimum Order Quantity 1 X 20 Ft Container
Packaging and Shipping As Per Clients Requirement
Shipping International
Exchange Policies Free Exchange