Ganeshas Lime And Minerals

White Alumina Cement

White Heat-k , a and C, As per IS: 195/1991 and High alumina cement upto 90% alumina. These Thermal setting type mortars and chemical setting type single and two component system cements are processed from special grade plastic fire clays, refractory aggregates and aluminous cement of exceptional chemical purity under stringent quality control.


Place Of Origin India
Brand Name Glm
Model Number Glm- White-K , A , C
Accepted Payment Type T/T
Delivery Time 7 Days
Nearest Port Mundra, Icd Ahmedabad
Attribute Name1 - Name And Value Colour Greyish White
Attribute Name2 - Name And Value -
Attribute Name3 - Name And Value -
Attribute Name4 - Name And Value -
Fob Currency Usd
Unit Kilo
Fob Price/Unit 30 Usd/ 50 Kilo
Minimum Order Quantity 1 X 20 Ft Container
Packaging And Shipping As Per Client Requirement
Shipping International
Exchange Policies Free Exchange